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Your Radiation This Week #8

(San Francisco) May 22, 2015 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States and in your neighborhood. Let’s get right to it.


*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

Partial Counts are noted. Uncounted radiation would make the actual Count higher.

  • 435 CPM Concord, NH Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined.
  • 333 CPM Boston, MA Partial Radiation Data Only.
  • 309 CPM New York City Partial.
  • 436 CPM Raleigh, NC Partial.
  • 317 CPM Atlanta, GA Partial.
  • 429 CPM Miami, FL Partial.
  • 187 CPM Chicago, IL Partial.
  • 299 CPM Ft Wayne, IN Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 258 CPM Indianapolis, IN Partial


  • 410 CPM Lincoln, NE, Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 224 CPM Des Moines, IA Partial.
  • 400 CPM Aberdeen, SD Partial.
  • 536 CPM Rapid City, SD Partial.
  • 361 CPM Kansas City, KA Partial.
  • 245 CPM Tulsa, OK Partial.
  • 625 CPM Little Rock, AR Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 266 CPM Dallas, TX Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 555 CPM San Angelo, TX Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 234 CPM Lubbock, TX Partial.
  • 366 CPM South Valley, NM Partial.
  • 588 CPM Albuquerque, NM Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.

— CPM Grand Junction, CO, NON-REPORTING

  • 797 CPM Billings, MT Partial. HIGHEST AGAIN!
  • 445 CPM Phoenix, AZ Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 637 CPM Tucson, AZ Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 162 CPM Las Vegas, NV Partial.
  • 433 CPM San Diego, CA Partial.
  • 577 CPM Bakersfield, CA Gamma and Beta Radiation Combined CPM.
  • 291 CPM Los Angeles, CA Partial.
  • 209 CPM San Francisco, CA Partial.
  • 486 CPM Spokane, WA Partial.

Across the United States from East to West and North to South, this is Your Radiation This Week.

What’s Included, What is Not

The official EPA reports include Gamma radiation counts registered at the instrument. Some EPA stations report Beta radiation as well. Alpha radiation may be recorded by the EPA. It is, however, not reported at all. The Alpha radiation emitters are particularly lethal if a person inhales them or ingests them by swallowing the isotope. They do not “turn off” just because they are inside a person. They don’t care, they just do their job of radioactive decay no matter whether inside a person or in the world.

Pic 1. Nikola_Tesla_on_Time_Magazine_1931

The Alphas are generally regarded as dangerous to very dangerous, up to 1000 times more dangerous than Beta or Gammas, only if they are inside a person, animal or plant. When you swallow some emitters, however, all bets are off. Many of the Alpha emitting particles are also small enough they migrate through your skin.

Neutron radiation, also deadly, is not included in the EPA official reports on man-made radioactive elements. Oak Ridge Nuke Lab is the designated spot in the US to search for, count and characterize radioactive products of nuclear weapons and power plants. There is no difference between the products of the two.

Nuke Power Plants generally take longer to gen up the radioactive products than the split second it takes for a nuclear weapon to explode.

Operator error and/or sabotage are suspected in the Chernobyl disaster. Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania was effectively clouded by a former Navy Nuclear Submarine Commander: President Jimmy Carter. The effect on life on this planet is always the same – an agonizing death.

EPA Stations Not Reporting

In the past four years since the latest large scale nuke power plant disaster, the EPA acted decisively by shutting down the reporting functions of hundreds radiation monitoring stations throughout the United States. Ones just like the few you see here in Your Radiation This Week. It is rare to see such widespread targeted action by government functionaries.

X-Rays from Rad Water on Metal

In an unexpected twist for Your Radiation This Week a newly evident big radiation source has gained publicity in Japan. The 1,300 Plus big million gallon, bolted together, guaranteed to leak, Jerry-rigged Rad water tanks at the site of the destroyed reactors are emitting X-Rays like big out-of-control X-Ray machines. Can you imagine that!

Pic 2. Radioactive-tanks_of_contaminated_wat008_fukushima

Workers inspecting the leaking Rad water tanks strolling around the many acres of tanks at the tank farm can also get their full quota of X-Rays through Bremsstrahlung [German for “braking radiation”] for the next zillion years, totally free and in a fraction of the time.

Bremsstrahlung is generated by the large mass of radioactive water in the tanks. Bremsstrahlung was discovered in 1890 by Nicola Tesla and in 1895 by Wilhelm Rontgen. You read it correctly, that’s 125 years ago and they don’t know how to fix it yet!

Copyright@Bob Nichols May 15 2015, Permission is granted to copy and distribute provided the text, Sources and Copyright are included.



1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA at http://www2.epa.gov/radnet Don’t skip the “2” in www2.

2. The EPA based reporting of NETC.com, an LLC.

3. * This station’s Radiation equals combined Beta and Gamma Radiation. Note: Not all locations have reporting Beta Radiation Monitors. Gamma Radiation Monitors are functioning at all these locations.

4. “…If you pollute when you DO KNOW there is NO safe dose with respect to causing extra cases of deadly cancers or heritable effects, you are committing premeditated random murder.” – John W. Gofman, Ph.D., M.D. (1918-2007), associate director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1963-1969) — Comments on a Petition for Rulemaking to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, May 21, 1994.

5. CPM. “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.” Quote from the ‘Your Radiation, This Week.’” Apr 3, 2015.

6. WHAT IS BREMSSTRAHLUNG? “The phenomenon was discovered by Nikola Tesla around 1890.”  https://www.nde-ed.org/EducationResources/HighSchool/Radiography/bremsstrahlung_popup.htm    

7. Bremsstrahlung & X-Rays, In 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen discovered that a beam of cathode rays could create a new type of radiation (x-rays) when allowed to impinge upon an obstacle such as the glass of the tube itself. http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~scidemos/QuantumRelativity/BremsstrahlungandXRays/BremsstrahlungandXRays.html 

8. Results 1 – 18 of 18 for Bremsstrahlung within all areas of EPA. http://nlquery.epa.gov/epasearch/epasearch?querytext=Bremsstrahlung+&typeofsearch=epa&doctype=all&originalquerytext=Bremsstrahlung+reporting&areaname=&faq=true&filter=sample4filt.hts&fld=&sessionid=AA16BC5CE6A76145BF4A68E60A82300C&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww2.epa.gov%2Fradnet&prevtype=epa&result_template=2col.ftl&stylesheet= 


Bob Nichols 86

Bob Nichols

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. You are encouraged to write Nichols at duweapons@gmail.com

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