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Neoplastic Transformation of Human Osteoblast Cells to the Tumorigenic Phenotype by Heavy Metal-Tungsten Alloy Particles: Induction of Genotoxic Effects

Carcinogenesis | vol.22 no.1 pp.115–125, Jan 22, 2001                                  . 

Alexandra C.Miller3, Steve Mog1, LuAnn McKinney1, Lei Luo2, Jennifer Allen, Jiaquan Xu and Natalie Page2

Heavy metal–tungsten alloys (HMTAs) are dense heavy metal composite materials used primarily in military applications. HMTAs are composed of a mixture of tungsten (91–93%), nickel (3–5%) and either cobalt (2–4%) or iron (2–4%) particles. Like the heavy metal depleted uranium (DU), the use of HMTAs in military munitions could result in their internalization in humans. Limited data  exist however, regarding the long-term health effects of internalized HMTAs in humans. We used an immortalized, non-tumorigenic, human osteoblast-like cell line (HOS) to study the tumorigenic transforming potential of reconstituted mixtures of tungsten, nickel and cobalt (rWNiCo) and tungsten, nickel and iron (rWNiFe). We report the ability of rWNiCo and rWNiFe to transform immortalized HOS cells to the tumorigenic phenotype. (☚ MEANS CANCER CAUSING)



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