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‘Fire the Village(s)'

Posted on December 7, 2014

Photo from Cyber-Berkut and translation of a document SBU order to carry out provocations in the territory of Novorossia:

Pic 1. Doc Dynamite Ukraine. w644h387
Pic 2. Doc Dynamite Ukraine. w644h3871

Fighters “ATO” given orders to shoot at peaceful village and to blame the militia (document).

NovorosInform, Dec 6 2014

“The head of the counterterrorist center at SBU first Deputy head of the SBU

The Hrytsak Century C.

Dear Vasily Sergeyevich!

Despite the advocacy for the formation of Patriotic beliefs among military personnel who participate in anti-terrorist operations in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the number of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is a growing dissatisfaction with the implementation of the policy on restoration of territorial integrity of the Republic.

This situation contributes to a negative perception of the part of residents of settlements located in the band clashes with the armed forces of the separatists, the actions of the security forces of Ukraine.

This leads to the undermining of the trust soldiers to the political leadership of the country, reducing their moral-combat qualities and as a consequence low ability to perform the assigned combat tasks.

In order of deprivation separatists support of the population and forming the evidence base for their further charges of committing crimes against civilians and ensure their support of the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

1.  3 December 2014 with temporary firing positions to make artillery settlements Redkodiv, Toninkoye, Novokalynove and Stepnoye.

2. To the execution of the task to attract collected artillery crews, equipped with Patriotic-minded officers. After the execution of assigned tasks immediately implement their rotation from the zone of the antiterrorist operation.

3. To arrange a visit to these settlements correspondent of the Ukrainian and foreign media. To provide evidence of involvement in the firing of artillery by terrorists. Provide photo and video recording made of their destruction.

4. About the facts of shelling settlements to inform the leadership of the tripartite working group of the General control Centre coordination support ceasefire in the East of Ukraine.

5. The statement of task forces and means involved in the execution of these activities to carry out personal guidance without disclosing the general idea.

6. Confidentiality measures to ensure access to information in their conduct of officials and performers only in the part which concerns them, and a maximum limit of officials familiar with the plan.

7. On execution to report personally to 18.00. December 4, 2014.

🔴☞☞☞ Sincerely, the head of the SBU C. O. Nalyvaychenko”. ☜☜☜🔴


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