🃏 Poroshenko’s Spanish Villa 🏰

🃏  The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in March, 2016 had a Rest in Spain.  🏰

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15 April 2016 | Reports about it "Ukrainian Pravda".

So, on March 8 the president was noticed by the Russian tourists in a drugstore of the Spanish city. According to eyewitnesses, have transferred a photo of editorial office of "Ukrainian Pravda", he bought in a drugstore vitamins and medicines and as soon as with him have started talking Russian, has got into the car and has left.

According to information unitary enterprise obtained from reliable sources Petro Poroshenko has a country house in the Spanish city of Marbella which has been bought them even before presidency. and the president's website in the section of news, and also on his page on Facebook, there are no messages on events on March 8.

"Ukrainian Pravda" has addressed for the comment to a press - to Poroshenko's secretary Svyatoslav Tsegolko, he has promised to answer until the end of day.

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It is known that in the declaration of the head of state of 2015 the property abroad isn't specified.

The Presidential Administration notes that at the beginning of March, 2016 Petro Poroshenko has visited Spain with private visit, and from - for safety issues didn't report about it officially. It is stated in the response of AP to request of "Ukrainian Pravda".

Besides, on Bank assure that all property which belongs to Poroshenko as the natural person is specified in his declaration, and sources of means are taxed in Ukraine.

"Petro Poroshenko is an investor of Prime Assets Capital Fund. The fund and the companies, belonging to Fund, are engaged in investment activity in a number of the countries, in particular in Spain, Hungary, Lithuania", - it is said also in a reply to the request.

We will remind, Poroshenko has appeared in the center of scandal after the publication of investigation on the basis of data of the Panama registrar of the offshore. It has turned out that in the summer of 2014 he I have registered the company for transfer of confectionery business to jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands.

The main claims of journalists to Poroshenko - the fact that he hasn't specified in the declaration holding of shares of the Prime Asset Partners company for 1000 dollars that he hasn't finished transfer «yetRoshena» «to blind trust» and that he allegedly intended will evade paying taxes in Ukraine at sale to corporation.

Poroshenko Flees Ukraine for Compound in Spain

Poroshenko Flees Ukraine



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Pic 1. 20160415 Poroshenko’s Spanish Villa, i240x134x290

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