ğŸŽ¥ UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati ✠

The University of California, Davis, P.B. Katehi, Monsanto, Occupy, Illuminati Bloodlines and Vietnam 

An Interview on University Politics, and International Geopolitics, May 7, 2016

Leuren’s Outline     for Darrell Hamamoto Interview

  • UC Davis Chancellor (Linda Katehi) Fired Suspended

  • CLAIMS "GREEK" ORIGIN: but last name is town in Utar Pradesh, India, indicating her ancient Iranian origin/bloodline? 
  • (Indians w Rothschild bloodlines from British era in India - 
  • Sassoon - now infiltrating nuclear industry globally and heavy in US/CA; 85 have been murdered for opposing nuc power plants, survivors took refuge in Vienna). Likely because UCD closely linked to wine industry in CA, w heavy Rothschild control/ownership of Mondavi etc., and Katehi's vague Greek claim is suspicious.
  • Nucs-UCD-UCB-LLNL-CA.WineIndust-
  • NucPlants-MongolianUranMining all linked
  • U.ILLINOIS: Faculty position UI, 19+ antenna patents, then suddenly moved to UCD
  • hired May 2009 as UCD Chancellor. UI 
  • has military background (Greek Navy), first computer (ENIAC) built for US Navy, many military related projects/funding/research at UI. 
  • URBAN SHIELD Oct. 2011: US and foreign troops (Israel, Gulf State Aramco "oil plantation" kingdoms military personnel) did live drills with weapons on UCB campus 2 weeks before Occupy Soros color revolution started in NYC Wall St. and spread to Bay Area 

  • OCCUPY Nov. 18, 2011 - Oakland/UCDavis: George Soros funded color revolution at UCDavis where Chancellor Katehi ordered police action, and students were pepper sprayed (actually bear repellant [Bear is logo of UC] and resulted in call for Katehi to be fired.


  • 19+ ANTENNA PATENTS surveillance rollout UC: UCD and other UC campuses have been increasingly been fitted w many complex antennas and antenna networks since Urban Shield. Many of the technologies are related to Katehi's 19 patents. UC has become an EMF prison from the rooftops of the campus to the cell phones of the students, smart meters on buildings, and hidden antennas on cars. 

  • This followed "wiring" of campuses with sophisticated EMF technologies and modification of buildings/smart meters/ cell phones/autos w US Navy flat array antennas (operational during trials on Navy ships out of Long Beach 1978-79).UC campuses: campus and town changed overnight to satanic symbols on and around campuses: 
  • satanic symbols on and off campuses
  • epidemic of tatooed students after tattoo parlors replaced bookstores in Berkeley
  • students talking openly about overthrowing the US govt., 
  • UCB HAAS business school classes on transfer of wealth 
  • (overthrows), 
  • female students groomed/recruited for prostitution (UCB Soros Foundation foreign students, U Mich. female students, UCDavis bars - young female students in cocktail dresses in groups.
  • Also reported around US, on Native American reservations, and in Mexico all women in some cities recruited.
  • ‘Tweeker chicks’ flypaper to get male students on drugs
  • Heroin and drugs flooding into campuses/US in general, reported in JAMA for last 8 years; drugs are a Jesuit industry. 
  • Katehi was introduction of overt takeover of UCD by Jesuits/Monsanto, Soros grants for foreign students, UCD collaboration with VietNam as part of Pivot to Asia. 
  • The UCD outreach to VietNam was created by Prof. Hamamoto and Prof. Valverde - the victims of Katehi. India has more Jesuit institutions than any other country in the world.
  • MONSANTO stock market value is now in decline.

  • KATEHI UCD ETHICS SCANDAL: Echoes of Univ. of Illinois clout and Admissions scandal:
  • Controversial moonlighting activities
  • DeVry University board seat and John Wiley & Sons board 
  • Pepper spray media scrub
  • Strategic communications budget soared
  • On April 27, 2016, the UC President's Office announced that Chancellor Katehi had been put on Administrative Leave, and is likely to be forced to resign.  

  • Spanish land grants to House of Castro and links to the locations of the Univ. of Calif. campuses and nuclear weapons labs.
  • Soka Gakkai/Nichiren Buddhism links to Calif./UC
  • Sikkh links to Calif./UC and the nuclear industry (nuc plants and weapons)
  • Image of UCB Sikkh recruiters during Registration week (April)

  • UC is run like the Jesuits are operated. Students and faculty are huge spy network globally. Students now being trained to overthrow their own governments. Women are used as prostitute or tweeker chick flypaper to create large revenues for Institutions. UC Santa Cruz Buddhist temples used to impose group think on low quality students characteristic of UCSC.


ğŸŽ¥ UC, Davis, Katehi, Illuminati ✠

The University of California, Davis, P.B. Katehi, Monsanto, Occupy, Illuminati Bloodlines and Vietnam

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