❁ Your Federal Appropriations Scams at Work

America’s runaway government and their ‘destiny’s child’ the ‘defense’ department are full of price scams. Each has ben artfully reverse-engineered to come up with the right talking points for any position the Joint Chiefs of Staff wish to take. These are delivered to their surrogates at the main-stream-media outlets and these talking points are dutifully and overwhelmingly driven home.

The next time one of the joint-chiefs, a congressman or any of their other media surrogates tells you what the cost is for any program, ask, “What is the total appropriation being requested of the American People, in congress for this program during the coming year?” Then follow-up with, How many of it/them are we buying with that money?” Put those figures in your calculator and then look out! This is what congress proposes to reach in your pocket and steal for some new machine for their latest pet project. YAF NWO/United Nations Eugenics Program.

Witness the F-35 and it’s Cost Overruns:

2015 F-35 Appropriations Schedule & Budget

The magnitude of the Cost-Over-runs on this project and the astronomically out of proportion Unit-Cost for this piece of hardware make it part of the project to Bankrupt America into the Perpetual War Corporation.

Bear in mind that many of these overruns are for retrofitting of new electronics being developed at a fever pace in the nation’s most malevolent laboratories and universities. Remember further that some part of nearly every DOD appropriation gets re-directed and ultimately lost in their famous, “Black Budget.” Then ask yourself, “What is it going to feel like when they point these new weapons at me?”

July 29, 2014

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