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This Will Make the World Sorry it Put a CIA Death Squad in Charge of Chernobyl


Posted on April 29,  2015

In 1986 Chernobyl experienced a disaster. The number Four reactor was reconfigured to a condition where all its redundant safety systems failed simultaneously. Then it was powered up to the point where it experienced what is known as, “An Unmoderated Prompt Criticality.” Chernobyl was Melted-Down. 

There are close to 2000 individual radionuclides produced in any runaway nuclear reactor. From the initial Chernobyl melt-down, those fission products polluted the local environment, as well as the rest of the World. The radionuclides have been accumulating since the initial accident in 1986, in detritus on the forest floor, and from emissions leaking from the Chernobyl sarcophagus and buried plutonium. Radionuclides have contaminated the ground water, and continue to contaminate and accumulate in the local vegetation. Trees shed radioactive leaves so toxic that in the exclusion zone, the vegetation has not decomposed creating a huge pile of tinder, too toxic for local bacteria, and other decomposition agents.

von Neumann|von Kármán, Vortex|Street -animation

Once ablaze the smoke rising from the fire is saturated with radionuclides that have been accumulating there over the decades. this smoke rises high into the troposphere where complex currents, von Neumann vortices1, von Kármán streets2; distribute those radionuclides around the World in under 1 year3.                                                          ✑ May 1, 2015 ✑ ed ✍

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The Fire at Chernobyl. Burning Forest. Apr 28 2015

Yatsenyuk inspects forest fire in the exclusion zone. After visiting the zone, the Head of Government told journalists at the airport:

The situation is under control. Fire stations are from Chernobyl at a distance of about 20 km. Our State emergency service actively works to cut off the spread of fire. The localization of the fire involved three aircraft, one helicopter and a significant amount of equipment. There sent forces, including the Ministry of internal Affairs. This fire is the largest since 1992. But we cope, perform, and we will actively inform.

Answering a question about the situation with background radiation Arseniy Yatsenyuk said:

I was informed that the situation is normal; there are no changes in the background radiation level.


The fire encompasses the plutonium burial areas. According to State Emergency Service (GSChS) the fire blazes already near the village. It is 13 km from the station. People are close to panic. The Deputy Director on scientific work of the Museum of Chernobyl, Anna Royal, said:

The fire had already moved in close to Chernobyl, the radioactive waste burial site. There is one of the most polluted places. Nearby the burial of radioactive waste. Plutonium is one of the most dangerous elements that infects the haematopoietic system of a person. As long as nobody touches it, this element is not dangerous. But if in the street the wind and the fire, plutonium particles can rise a meter and be transported over long distances.

Meanwhile, as reported by the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, to extinguish the fire involved the national guard. In Kiev, there are rumors that some deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and members of the government have taken out of town for their families.


(Typical rumour – RB)(Local Reaction -ed): I immediately again for parents scared. In 1985, Rivne region was strongly contaminated, large areas were evacuated because of radioactive fallout. In the market was a lot of contaminated food. Then, a strong wave of stroke and cancer among the older generation. Now ukrasni like writing that crown fire stopped 5 km from burial grounds and the danger averted. But the fool knows that there’s still infected can burn Need to watch carefully for the whole leaking of information. Again, write that “the fire revealed catastrophic lack of rescue equipment” in ukropii. This is clearly a thick hint: “come on, let us in the end money, and more, more!”


Oversight Agency: the fire area under Chernobyl is 2 hectares
Gazeta.ru, Apr 28 2015

According to the State Agency of Ukraine for management of the exclusion zone, the total area of fire under Chernobyl is more than 2 hectares. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website. “The nature of the damage areas and arrays is determined, the fire is controlled and is in the process of localization. Involved additional forces and means of firefighting,” said the Agency. According to monitoring, the concentrations of radionuclides in air and background radiation does not exceed the established reference levels. Earlier in Greenpeace stated that the fire area in the exclusion zone under the Chernobyl exceeds 10 hectares. This was stated by the head of the forest Department of Greenpeace Russia Alexey Yaroshenko. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the zone of alienation burn 400 hectares of forest.


Ecologist: the Fire at the Chernobyl Pushcha can lead to contamination by radioactive substances  RT.com, Apr 28 2015

The fire on the territory of the special plant of Chernobyl forest may lead to secondary pollution by radioactive substances. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian ecologist Vladimir Boreyko. And the head of the Forest Department of Greenpeace Russia, Alexey Yaroshenko, called it a catastrophic fire. PM Yatsenyuk said that the fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChAES) is the largest since 1992, but everything is under control. Earlier a press-service GsChS of Ukraine reported about the fire of three sites on the territory of the special plant of Chernobyl forest. It reported that the fire was no threat for the population and will not affect the background radiation. It should be noted that according to the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, in the exclusion zone burn 400 hectares of forest. However, according to environmentalists, which is based on satellite images, the fire area exceeds 10 hectares. The head of the Forest Department at Greenpeace Russia, Alexey Yaroshenko, said in an interview with radio station Govorit Moskva:

At the moment in the Chernobyl area within 30 km zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is very large, by any measure a catastrophic wildfire. According to our data, its area now exceeds 10,000 hectares. This assessment is based on satellite images. Officially this area is not recognized. The fire was at least partly riding, so this is the most severe forest fire.

The ecologist also recalled that about six months ago a group of European researchers published an article in which was modeled potential radiological contamination of neighboring countries and regions in the event of large catastrophic wildfires in the Chernobyl zone. As stated in an interview with RT, the Deputy coordinator of the “Ecological watch for Northern Caucasus” Dmitry Shevchenko, when the burning of the forest, there is not only carbon but also soot, which is posted on hundreds and thousands of kilometers. The fire around the Chernobyl zone, according to the expert, are dangerous because the radionuclides contained in the wood can appear anywhere into the atmosphere and spread to great distances. Shevchenko noted that in the Chernobyl zone is especially important to preserve forests because they are a natural conservative radionuclides that accumulate in soil and wood. He complained that the system of monitoring the online status of the Chernobyl zone is almost none. One can only speculate as will be distributed radionuclides with the products of combustion, but the forecasts nobody is engaged, said Shevchenko. Ukrainian ecologist Vladimir Boreyko believes that the fire on the territory of the ChAES may lead to secondary pollution by radioactive substances. RIA Novosti quotes the words of ecologist:

You need to understand exactly where the forest is on fire: where the radiation spots, or where these spots are not. If there are no spots, it’s just air pollution. If there are spots, of course, that’s too bad, because there will be secondary pollution by radioactive substances.

The cause of the incident Boreyko sees that PM Yatsenyuk cancelled checks of business entities, and no one can now check: no fire inspection, nor eco-inspectorate or forest inspection. In addition, in the Chernobyl zone there are tours. Boreyko concluded:

This is a serious matter in a restricted area.

According to GSChS burn three plots on the territory of the special plant of Chernobyl forest. The state service of Ukraine for emergency situations reported that the fire extinguish more than 200 personnel and 35 pieces of equipment. Also attracted to extinguish three Mi-8 helicopters and an Antonov 32P plane. On the spot deployed mobile headquarters. PM Yatsenyuk called the fire near ChAES largest since 1992. However, according to him, the situation is controlled. Earlier, interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that the situation with forest fires around Chernobyl is aggravated. Avakov wrote on his page in Facebook:

At 18.30 the situation with forest fires around Chernobyl is aggravated. The flames once again attacking the forest in the direction of ChAES objects. Horse fire and sharp gusts of wind created a serious risk of fire spreading within a 20 km zone around the ChAES. In fire area of about 400 ha of forest. The alarm is raised readiness, the national guard and interior Ministry units.

The acting head of the SSES of the Zoryan Shkiriak said that the fire did not threaten the Shelter (sarcophagus) erected above the emergency unit of the Chernobyl ChAES. Shkiryak wrote on his page in Facebook:

On a scale of forest (320 ha) fire on the territory of the exclusion zone. The GSChS units stopped the spread of fire in the direction of Chernobyl, the threat to the Shelter object not present.

GsChS does not exclude that the cause of the fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone was arson. About it today in Zhulyany said the Deputy head of the GSChS Nicholas Chechetkin. Local media quoted a statement by Chechetkin:

The nature of the fire suggests that at the moment there are some fires that occur gradually. This suggests that a possible preliminary cause of the fire could be arson or careless handling of fire.

The fire at the Chernobyl Pushcha  RIA Novosti, Apr 28 2015

MOSCOW – Online published a video of the fire at Chernobyl forest, in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Earlier a press-service GSChS of Ukraine reported about the fire of three sites on the territory of the special plant of Chernobyl forest. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov stated that the situation with the fire around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant worsened, in connection with which the national guard units and the MVD of Ukraine were alerted. Rescuers managed to restrict the spread of fire to 5 km from the mounds of waste. Why such concern? This fire was not since 1992. To the station (ЧАЭС, ChAES), about 20 km, but prior to the burial of waste is around 5 km. So there was cut in the first place,” wrote Avakov on his page in Facebook. Shoot down crown fire in the Chernobyl exclusion zone was possible thanks to the involvement of fire and aviation, said the acting head of the GSChS of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak. According to recent reports, the fire covered 400 hectares. (1 Hectare ≈ 2.47 Acres | Recent Reports are 10,000 hectares. -ed)

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